Guest Blogger Guidelines

If you would like to contribute to my blog, read the guidelines below and contact me at melodiebethharris (at) gmail (dot) com

Guest Post Guidelines

Does the topic fit the essence of the blog's title? 
  • I mostly write about people, events, and things that have made a difference in my life.
  • However, if you have a good idea, a piece of advice, or something you want to say that doesn't necessarily fit the Matter of Life and Breath idea, pitch me your idea, and I will consider it.

Why would you want to publish your writing?
  • We all have stories we would like to tell, but don't seem to make the time to write them down. People we want to acknowledge. Events that mattered. Things we want future generations to know about. That's how I decide what to write.
  • Writing posts, or even a series of posts, for this blog might motivate you to get busy writing that stuff down! I know I wish my grandma had written more than just five-year diaries.
  • So look through your memory boxes and photo albums. Spend time reminiscing with your mementos. Interview that family member before it's too late. Reflect. Write down that experience.
  • Or, maybe you simply want to know what it feels like to write about something that's important to you and have others read it. 

What are the requirements if I accept your pitch?
  • 500-900 words; if longer, consider doing a two-part post or a series
  • Profanity is not allowed.
  • Type it in a Word document or similar word processor (no PDFs) and email it to me as an attachment.
  • If appropriate, provide pictures as JPEGs and info for captions and where to place them in the text.
  • Provide at least two or more questions to engage the reader.
  • Provide a short bio and a picture. Provide a way for readers to connect with you if they want to. This could be by a mention of your Facebook page, a Twitter or Pinterest account, or your own blog or website. 
  • Be willing to respond to comments & questions on the blog itself if people post responses. Do the same when readers comment on Facebook or other social media platforms.

I will perform a light edit of the piece.
  • I won't write the piece, but I will edit for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style if necessary. So here are some things to keep in mind.
  • Avoid using quotation marks around words that signal the reader to think of the word in a special way. The word you choose should already do that. Depending on the context, there are exceptions.
  • Read your passage aloud to hear the flow of the piece. This helps eliminate redundancies. Short choppy sentences are sometimes done for affect. So are sentence fragments, so if you break the rules, have a purpose in doing so. You'll be able to hear that too when reading it aloud.
  • Revision is a part of the process of writing, so be willing to leave your piece of writing set for a day or two and then go back and revise.

What about rejections?
  • Like most instances in publishing, I may reject your idea. If I do, try not to take it personally or defend yourself. I've submitted my writing and experienced rejection too, so I know the drill.
  • What goes on my blog cannot be contrary to my principles. If I reject your request, respect my right to do so. I will simply thank you and state I am not accepting it. Remember, you can always start your own blog.