Friday, June 6, 2014

How Kindle Ignited a New Hobby

My Kindle turned a year old in May. Haven’t read this much since pursuing my English degree in the mid-80′s. Here are the gifts she’s given me.

Seven More Great Things about my Kindle

  1. I can read in the dark--it provides me light
  2. no noisy page turning while hubby's asleep
  3. read multiple works since stored on one device
  4. I don't have to grip anything, thanks to the Levo book holder--so well-worth the money!
  5. I can keep up with my book club's next picks--no need to travel to a book store
  6. I am reading! I have never considered it my hobby. Yes, I teach English and still say that. Writing is my first love--that's why I became an English teacher. I've always enjoyed the discussions, lessons, and projects surrounding what I've had students read, but reading just for the sake of reading hasn't been enjoyable to me until about five years ago. And now even more so, thanks to my Kindle.
  7. So, those of you who want time to read, make an investment in a device. I assure you, it's a purchase you won't regret.

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