Sunday, March 8, 2015

5 Reasons I Used To Hate Spring

I wasn't in track, so as a kid, when everyone came back with tans from getting to be outside all day, I was jealous.

Why didn't I join track then? I am slow, and I hated straight running.

I’ll blame it on elementary PE when we had to run 20 laps around the gym to start class. I’m serious, 25. Every. Single Day. Of PE. Even when we switched teachers. It must have been a district policy. Not my idea of fun. And I liked PE—but not that!

So, my first immature reason as to why I did not like spring: track kids’ tans.

Incidentally, I used to hate spring break too as an adult. Why on earth would a person hate that? Same reason. I didn't go anywhere to get a tan!

Reason Two

Spring in South Dakota is ugly. Piles of brown snow. Puddles and mud reside in the yard and on the playground. Streams trickle down the curbs in town due to the melting snow. As a farm kid, I knew to be thankful for the moisture, but where I grew up, fields were brown. No pretty winter wheat like Kansas. Due to the harsh winters or the ground not getting worked in the fall, Dad planted spring wheat, so it wasn’t until later that green fields emerged.

Reason Three

Basketball season ended. No more high school games and no more college games after the Final Four, only the NBA. And since I was married to basketball, like I wrote about here in last week’s post, I suffered withdrawal.

Reason Four

Pressure of music contests. Spring was the competition season. Guild for piano was especially taxing. If I am remembering correctly, it didn't need to be memorized, but performers had to announce the key, play the cords and arpeggios, and then perform the piece. The fancy certificate was well worth it though and so was the pride of my piano teacher. Click here to read about her and here to read about my mom and me and my piano playing.

Reason Five

School was almost out. That meant that I wouldn't be around people my own age for three monthsexcept for church events. The telephone and an occasional sleep over barely met my social needs back when parents didn’t chauffeur their kids all over the place. So again, a rather sad and lonely time for this farm kid.

The Used To Part?

Now I do enjoy spring. I’ll write about my transformation in next week’s post.

Right now, you probably hate winter, but are there characteristics of the other seasons that put you in a bad mood?


  1. I think I love each season at the beginning. Warmth to relieve the cold and open window breeze, a break to relieve the stress and start the projects I want to do around the house, coolness to relieve the sweltering heat and jeans, and the smell of a crisp winter morning with fireplace going off in the distance somewhere.

    1. The seasons seem to be all about the senses, and the variety is wonderful.

  2. Well, in summer, when it's so hot that you can't sit outside without sweating bullets, unless you are in a swimming pool. But after this winter, I may be looking forward to the heat!! :)

    I am so thankful for seasons though. Like Jill said, we enjoy the beginning of each ... and then it's nice to move on to something different. :)

    1. I've finally, after two decades, gotten used the the Kansas humidity, so I know what you mean about sweating bullets. This summer, when we came back from Ohio, I was glad to feel Kansas again when we hit the border.