Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Own Mr. Fixer Upper

For a couple weeks one February, I lived with a table saw in the living room.

We had no garage at the time, and my husband was remodeling the bathroom. He'd already put in a new kitchen floor, so I was used to a stove and refrigerator setting in there, but that was only for a couple days.

This bathroom thing took awhile. And for a couple days, we took sponge baths. My good dishes set on the dining room table since the china closet had to be moved out of the way—and so did the table.

My husband hadn't even looked for a job yet because he'd moved at the start of December and had a nice sum of money from his house sale. His days were spent as Mr. Fixer Upper.

We hadn't really planned on changing things right away, but when the frig leak ruined the flooring in the kitchen, he went to work on other parts of the house.

All of the supplies and new furnishings were kept inside the house. Yes, inside. Where we were living. Toilet in its box. In the living room. Bath tub. In the living room. Table saw, bead board, caulking supplies. In the living room. And there was still room for us to maneuver onto the couch. I know. Crazy. Crowded.


I stored extra toilet paper on top of the small couch in our bedroom. The bedroom got another closet. One just for him.

I came home from a basketball game to him sanding the top of his dresser closet. The thing was so smooth. But he stunk. I don't think he'd bathed for a few days—even though the bathroom was done at that point.

"What's the use?" he said. "I'm just going to stink more tomorrow."

Those early days of married life taught me what it meant to live with other people, not just a dog. Oh, forgot to mention, we had two of those running around.

Have you gone through a mess in your living space? How did you cope with it?


  1. Ha ha! I'm kind of going through a slight mess right now. We had our cat's litter box in our bathroom, and it never smelled too bad. But my husband moved things around, so he could bring in the elliptical from the garage into our bedroom ... so the litter box ended up in the office, where I write. It stinks now. I can't work in there, or I end up stinking. So I've been writing sitting on my bed, or I'm sitting at the kitchen island right now. I'm having a positive attitude though ... I just can't use the office and that's that. But here's the solution ... we need a better litter box and I'll be able to use the office again. I just need to get around to it. :)

    1. How funny, Shelli! Stinky stuff gives me a headache, so I can understand how you can't be in there. Your feelings come through in how you wrote that too! Thanks for sharing.

    2. You are so cute, Melodie! Stinky stuff gives me a headache, too. :)

  2. Oh yes - been there done that a couple of times. I became handy with a palm-sander, insulation and paint! We lived in 500 sq ft (3 rooms and a bath) while we added another 600 sq. ft and "married" the two bits together. When that was finished (and we'd resided and re-roofed the whole place) we tore out the 3 rooms and reconfigure - ended up with one larger full bath and a tiny 2 pc off the bedroom. Now timing - let me see - I'd say about four years! Didn't bother me but my friends said it would have driven them crazy. Happy to see there are others like us!

    1. 500 sq feet--Wowee! That is close! But I'm thinking. Our house is around 1200 square feet and the biggest room had all the stuff in it. I haven't worked with insulation, but I have a sander and paint. Scraping popcorn ceilings--the worst. Those who say use the wet method--I must being doing it wrong because it is awful and doesn't work. Glad to hear from you, Mahrie.