Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Tidbits

It's Easter. Here's a lighthearted look into what popped into my mind for each letter of the holiday. Then, find my spiritual perspective of the letters.

E - Energizer Bunny

Makes me think of Ashley Graf, a former student and basketball player of mine. She never got tired. Coach Randy Weber nicknamed her Pink. I ran into Ashley on Good Friday. All grown-up, married with hubby and three kids, and living nearby me. Here’s their uprooted tree from the storm a couple days ago. 

Ashley's tree
A - April

It hosts Easter, at least for this year. Always a fun month. Lots of family birthdays. A new one soon: my step-daughter's baby Jack Von Schmidt. He hasn't arrived yet at the writing of this post.

S - Spring

Storms and showers and little flowers. Here's a picture of what the recent storm almost slammed into the front of our house. Ironically, that tall Chinese elm was scheduled to come down this weekend along with two others. Its last deed: to protect us.

Monte's cedar tree ended up in our tree

T - Trees Bud

The red buds. The crab apple. All signs of new life. Maybe I like spring after all. Click here to read why I didn't. Then click here to read how my heart and mind have changed.

E - Eggs

The ones that get a colored bath. My older sisters tell me that Mom loved coloring Easter eggs. I don't think she did it much with me. I only remember spreading out the funny paper on the kitchen table. You feel sad for me, don't you? No worries. I'll make sure Jack Von gets to color eggs, so maybe I'll learn how.

R - Relatives

My brother Elliott and his wife Doris gave me a pretty stuffed rabbit one year. Cream and mint green. Wish I had a picture of it. Speaking of Elliott, Mom always bought him a large solid chocolate rabbit. Even as a married man with five children, Mom gave him a rabbit. Sweet gift for her first born.

Now for My Christian Perspective on Easter

E - Eternal Life

In heaven with Christ. What we gain by accepting Him as our Savior. This is a choice. It's a gift, a free one.

A - Arose

What Christ did. I hear the harmonic voices from my childhood church singing the old hymn, "Up From the Grave He Arose." Click here to hear the hymn. I find it hard to sing it now without tearing up—just like my sister Brenda will when she reads this and then listens. If hymns do nothing for you, how about the modern version? Click here.

S – Salvation

I received it when I accepted Christ as a little girl. I sat in the black chair in the dining room by the east window and asked Jesus into my heart. My sister Brenda said she was there with me, but I don’t remember that part. In jr. high and then again in college, I rededicated my life to Him. I cannot imagine not having that peace.

where I sat when I accepted Christ: the black chair in the dining room

T - Tom Macy

My former pastor from my early adulthood who now preaches in Indianapolis. Such a scholar. It was rare if he did not preach with references to the Greek and Hebrew and connect the Old with New Testament. He knew how to apply Biblical truths to modern day life. To read Pastor Macy's blog, click here. To hear him preach, click here.

E - Ebenezer Church

My childhood church in rural Doland, South Dakota, whose faithful attendees help teach me about Christ and the Bible. They were the same people on Sunday as they were throughout the week. To read about one such person, also a relative of mine, click here. To read about my VBS days there, click here.

my childhood church, Ebenezer

R - Resurrection

The miracle of Jesus' resurrection is the common bond between Christian religions. I know we debate, argue, and even cause church splits about so many interpretations of passages and religious practices. But I think the bottom line is this: Jesus was born of a virgin, fully man and fully God, was tempted in all ways yet lived a sinless life, was crucified, died, and rose again. All this for our sins. On those, I think Catholics and Protestants agree.

Final Thoughts

For those who prefer an intellectual read on the topic, try Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi. You may find the answers you need from a historical perspective and from a man who was a practicing Muslim. He risked his life to become a Christian.

Happy Easter. What are some of your Easter memories, secular or religious? What emerges in your heart and mind during this holiday?

Writer's Note: next week welcome again my friend Amy Wallace who shares another Circle of Life story. Click here to read her first one.



  1. I love the church photo. Beautiful. And the people were the same on Sunday as throughout the week. Beautiful, too.

    1. Thanks Shelli. Sadly, the church is no longer there. It was moved, I believe, but the cemetery is nearby.