Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Hotel Pet Peeves

The holiday season brings travel for many of us that require a stay in a hotel. I prefer Holiday Inn Express for their breakfasts, workout rooms, and overall service. But I still have a few pet peeves. Some due to my own quirkiness. Enjoy.

Bed sheets are tucked in military style. My toes and feet prefer freedom, so I go around the bed and pull up the sheets and blankets before I even hop in.

Mirror with no table in front of it. I can't put on make-up by it then, and I don't use the bathroom mirror because it's too steamy if someone has showered. The light in there is too bright anyway. Yes, you read that correctly. If the lighting is too good, I'll start picking zits, a bad-bad habit. Girls at college would tell me, "I never picked zits or split end until I met you!" I'm so over that, but now, due to my age, I look for facial hair—especially those little black whiskers that feel like they're an inch long.

The heat and air. Hard to regulate. And sometimes there's a clicking noise.

No noise. We sleep with the soothing hum of a floor fan at home, so we run the air fan in the bathroom or turn on the manual fan on the heat and air unit. Without that running, if it's too quiet at night, I hear every creak. Or door opening. Or toilet flushing. Even if hotel guests are a bit noisy, the low hum of a fan will drown out the sounds—if the dreaded clicking sound doesn't emerge.

Lack of towels. I want three. One for hair and face. Another for body. One for my pillow—to catch the drool and soak up my wet hair. Front desk personnel seem perplexed whenever I ask for more. 

A True Story
Recently, the place didn't have any extra towels. All used up in the pool area. Guess what they gave us? The extra bath mats. Kind of stiff for a towel. 

I can't remember where that happened. Maybe it was the hotel in Effingham, Illinois. Yes, that is the name of the place. We were on our way to Ohio to visit Lawrence and Tammy, Chris' brother and his wife. It took us an hour and half and nearly ten stops in three different large towns to find a hotel in the middle of July 2014. The hotels were booked. All due to a bagel festival.

Yes, a bagel festival. Don't believe me? Click here

Any hotel pet peeves to add to the list? Or how about sharing one of your funny hotel stories with our readers?


  1. I do the same thing with the sheets! Finally someone else who has feet that like to feel free. might get an small noise machine. Makes that low hum sound you talk about, we have one in both of the girls' rooms. They sleep better with them! Easy to travel with.

    1. Is the machine called white noise? That's what a high school friend of mine posted about. I'll check into one. When we go to SD, my sister gives us a floor fan too. That's how bad I can't stand silence!

  2. Too funny. I don't stay in enough hotels I guess. I find them okay. Well, maybe the air is too dry. And my grandsons and my hubby love the little soaps in the bathrooms!

    1. Glad you liked it! I used to like bringing those tiny toiletries home, Mahrie. My husband usually does. We've got family spread out a few states, so since I got married, I'm in hotels more.