Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful to be a Child of the 70s: Round 2

The 1970s don't get enough credit, so I'm here again this Thanksgiving to point out some of my childhood favorites. To read last year's piece, click here.

My Room Decor

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When Grandma Katie was put in the nursing home, Mom redecorated the downstairs bedroom for me. Dad purchased a single bed from an auction at neighbor Pauly Walter's. Read about him here and read about Grandma Katie here.

Mom bought a Holly Hobbie bedspread and matching window shades. This was the first bedroom that I remember calling mine. Prior to that, I slept in the living room. A crib was in there, and when I got older, I slept on the pull-out love seat because I was too chicken to sleep alone upstairs.

It was in this decorated room that I developed my fear of lightning storms and Big Foot. Long story.

My First Record Album

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I bought a 45 of the Carpenter's "Top of the World" hit at the Ben Franklin store in Huron one Saturday morning. Mom had given me two bucks spending money while she got her hair done.

A few years ago, I bought a Carpenter's greatest hits album and loaded it on my iPod. When I played the song in preparation for this post, I remembered almost every word.

If someone had told me to write down the lyrics, I'm not sure I could have. But the memories flooded back upon hearing the music. Funny how the brain works. Click here to hear the lyrics. 

For those that don't know, the brother-sister duo of Richard and Karen Carpenter were known for the harmonic tunes. Karen Carpenter died in 1983 with complications due to anorexia. Read more about that here and here. It was during the 80s, my high school years, when eating disorders became a topic of public concern. The Denver Post ran a book review piece about the Karen Carpenter story. Click here to read it.

A Candy My Family Liked

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The combination of chocolate and caramel was found in a Rothchild's nugget. The tasty tidbit is similar to a Rolo.

The company's marketing campaign including a silly saying performed in a British accent. Click here and here for a couple of those commercials. I know, corny, but catchy.

My dad and brother Elliott would often repeat the famous line, "Not now, I'm right in the middle of a Rothchild's" to anyone they talked to. They even answered the phone that way sometimes. Read more about my brother's antics here.

The Rothchild's saying lightened anyone's mood. I wish this candy was still around. Don't know what happened to it. Or the Marathon Bar. Or Freshen-Up gum. Or Melody Pops, the sucker with a whistle.

A Favorite Saturday Morning Show
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The time travel show, "The Land of the Lost," started in the 70s, not the early 90s when Hollywood attempted a re-make. I never watched it; maybe I should have. Watch a trailer of the 1970s version here.

The graphics? My goodness. So fake. But back then I didn't care. I liked the story line, or should I say, the older brother.

The music? Too upbeat for what happened to this family.

My husband Chris says the Sleestak creatures still give him the creeps. You can see the critters here in the entire first episode.

What memories do you have of these 70s icons? For my younger readers, feel free to critique my child-of-the-70s favorites.


  1. Oh, how fun! I remember my sister winning a Holly Hobbie coloring contest. I was so jealous! :) She was the creative one in our family. And "The Land of the Lost" ... oh, yes! Older brother crush ... oh, yes! Records ... glorious. I heard recently that record players are the in-thing for teens. Can you believe that? I loved playing my grandmother's record player ... it was a huge piece of furniture and had to warm up ... so everything started out in slow motion. So fun. We'd dance and sing in slow motion ... then speed up. Cracked my grandmother up. :) Loved this, Melodie. You always give a trip down memory lane.

    1. I'm glad you liked it, Shelli. I knew last year I wanted to do this again, and when I recently talked with my high school public speaking students how music had changed since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to include music in the list. And crushes, I liked Randy (I think that was his name) on Adam-12,the cop TV show, Vincent Van Patten on 8 is Enough (when the channel came in so I could see it) and was jealous of his relationship with Farrah Fawcett. So stupid to be jealous! lol

    2. Scott Baio as Chachi ... Andy Gibb ... :) Just to name a few. xoxo

    3. yep...I know those faces. I thought of another deal. My best friend was heartbroken when Freddie Prince died. You know, from Chico & the Man TV show. I wish that show was on Netflix.

  2. I also had the Holly Hobbie bedspread and curtains, and two plaques that hung on my bedroom wall! My favorite TV shows were Rocky and Bullwinkle and Batman. I had my crush on Robin! Liz

    1. It's amazing, Liz, how many of us had those Holly Hobbie things! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I had an Erik Estrada poster on my door from 1977 until I left for college. I still Google Mr. Estrada from time to time to see how he has aged. Oh and Tom Selleck too although technically he's more 80s. Love the Bee Gees and Elton John and since I'm from Chester County - a Mr. Jim Croce CD is always in my truck.

    1. Glad you can relate to this post, Linda. Erik Estrada--I think my mom had a crush on him too--mainly because he was in "The Cross and the Switchblade" movie. lol